*Please Note New Pricing*

Round Cakes

 Size ServingsPrice  Price when Filled

Sheet Cakes

 Size ServingsPrice  Price when Filled
  9X13 15-20 $25$35
 11X15 30 $37.50 $47.50 
 12X18 40+ $50 $65
 18X24 80+ $100 $130

Square Cakes




 Price When Filled

























Please note: These prices are for party cakes only. Stacked/tiered and wedding cakes are priced below. Fresh fruit cakes and toppings on round, square, and sheet cakes will have an additional charge depending on the amounts needed.

3D Cakes/Carved and Shaped Cakes

These cakes are priced depending on how many servings are needed, how many sheet cakes need to be used to create the design, how complex the cake must be and whether Fondant is used to cover the cake. Special boards may be required which may increase the price. Please ask about creating a special 3D cake for your celebration but know that I may need time to figure out the cost of your special creation!

Wedding Cakes and Tiered Cakes



 Buttercreme with Fondant

embellishments including

ribbons, swags, and motifs


 Round $1.85 $2.00 $2.50
 All other shapes $2.00 $2.15 $2.65
 Sculpted Cakes $3.00 and up $3.00 and up $3.00 and up

Prices above are per serving.

Edible Flowers,

Leaves, Berry clusters, etc.

$.90 and up each 
Monogram on side of cake$15.00
Bow Topper$20.00 Dressmaker Style or Package Style 
Cake Topper of Flowers, Leaves and/or Bow loops$40.00
Changing Flavors Between TiersNo additional charge  
Fillings  $ .50 per slice
EquipmentAll cakes have an equipment charge. This is the disposable system that is inside your cake holding it up, plus the English style drum on the bottom.

The board fee is $20-$30 for most cakes.  I only use a SPS system to support my cakes as it is superior to all other methods and require it for all tiered cakes 3+ tiers. The charge for this is between $20-$30. Less for shorter cakes, more for taller cakes, but this is a good average. I do not make any profit from these fees and only charge my cost. I pay the shipping charge for you. I want your cake to be safe and beautiful and only use the best system for my cakes!  

Delivery Charge$20-$50, depending on reception venue/distance traveled and complexity of cake setup.  Cakes are mostly assembled onsite, despite what you see on Food TV!

Groom's cakes are the same pricing structure as wedding cakes and if a 3D design is requested, an additional fee will apply.

Purchase, rental and /or deposits are required for specialty tier column sets, special stands, fountains, etc. If the item is returned in good, working condition, your deposit will be returned to you. Rental fees are nonrefundable.

Reception dates are confirmed with a 25% retainer which is non-refundable for any reason. The remainder is due no later than14 days prior to the confirmed date. If you have not made your final payment 14 days prior to the confirmed date, your cake will be removed from the baking schedule. (This means you won't have a cake.)


Cookie Bouquets:

5 Cookie Bouquets are $35 and each additional cookie is $2.

(This price includes a coordinating container. I am happy to use a container that you provide though the price remains at $25 regardless. The cookies in my bouquets are generally 4-5 inches wide and about 1/2 inch thick. My Bouquets consist of made to order sugar cookies made with real butter and vanilla and decorated with two types of icing. )

Cutout decorated sugar cookies by the dozen: $2.00 per cookie

On a Stick and individually wrapped: $2.50 per cookie

Individually wrapped (no stick): $2.25 per cookie

NOTE: These cookies are extremely time consuming to create so please plan to give one weeks notice when ordering. Even with one weeks notice, I can not guarantee being able to put you on the baking schedule if I am already booked. Thanks for your understanding!


Swirl TopSpecialized Top
Standard Cupcakes$12 per dozen$14 and up
Mini Cupcakes$6 per dozen$7 and up
Jumbo Cupcakes$20 per dozen$23 and up
 Cupcake Bouquets$25-$35$30 and up

Cupcake wedding trees (decorated on a beautiful tiered stand- deposit required) and cupcake party cakes are available too! Please ask for more info!

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