Cookie Bouquets

My sugar cookies are baked fresh with real butter and are known for their delicious flavor and soft texture! Each cookie is hand decorated with two types of icing. Cookies are made to order and do take time so please put your order in early! Every cookie is unique and containers vary depending on design and availablity. See Price page for more information about cookie bouquets and trays!

Christmas Bouquet

(These must be ordered early as supplies are always limited for the

handmade containers.)

All Occasion Bouquet

This bouquet is great for anyone of any age and for any occasion!


Patriotic Bouquet

This bouquet is great for giving to anyone in the military, for political events, or for July 4th gatherings!

Wedding Cookie Bouquets

These make great gifts and look amazing on the gift table! They also make a great snack for the Bride and Groom on their honeymoon! This order was used at a wedding that used a cookie table instead of a wedding cake. (These come in a bouquet of five and each additional cookie is extra so please refer to the prices page.)


Baby Bouquet

This bouquet makes a perfect baby shower gift or new baby gift! The Baby Bouquet comes in a variety of cookies for both boys and girls and the cookies can be customized with the baby's birth information!

 Schoolhouse Bouquet

This is the perfect gift for teachers at Christmas and the end of the school year! It's also perfect to give to students as a Back-2-School surprise or care package!

Sunflower Bouquet

Flowers can be given for any occasion!  

Farmer's Bouquet

 This will be great for the farmer in your life or for a little boy or girl who enjoys farm toys! This was actually made as a "get well" gift for one of the farmer's in my life!

Hair Dresser Bouquet

This was a gift to our hairdressers. Very cute hair brushes and hairdryers! Can be done in a variety of colors!

Nautical Bouquet

This makes a great thank you to your Travel Agent, a great gift for a child or for newlyweds going on a cruise, etc.


Fall Bouquets

These make terrific table centerpieces, hostess gifts on Thanksgiving Day, and for any occasion celebrated during the fall season!

"Boo" Bouquet

This was done for a school event but could be given to anyone at Halloween!

Sports Bouquet

 These bouquets are available for most sports and can be customized with team lettering and colors!


Flower Bouquets

These are also good for any occasion and are done in a variety of colors. Why send real flowers when you can send flowers you can EAT!?

Doctor Bouquet

 This bouquet was made for a pediatrician but the cookies can be done for Nurses, Dr.'s and Dentists! 

Valentine's Day Cookies

These heart shaped cookies are great anytime of year! These are great for anniversaries, weddings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties as they can be decorated accordingly. ;) The hearts can be decorated as a tuxedo or a brides gown! The possibilities are endless for these cookies.

Shamrock Cookies

Easter Bouquets


Princess Cookies

These are great for any little princess in your life! They look great on trays or in a cookie bouquet!

Monogram Cookies


Las Vegas Themed Cookie Bouquets

Mother's Day Bouquet

More pictures coming soon!